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September 2014


Brooklyn Coffee

September 2, 2014

Living in East London, I appreciate how spoilt for choice I am when it comes to amazing places to eat and drink. Whether it’s breakfast burritos, gargantuan burgers or the big daddy of all rice paper rolls that takes your fancy, chances are there’s a pop up nearby serving just the thing you crave. In an area so heavily saturated with bars, cafes, and restaurants (some more deserving of the hype than others, might I add) how do you stand out from the rest?

Good coffee is the answer. Simple as that. Sometimes all it takes is the perfect flat white to ensure the new kid on the block is your new favourite local, and Brooklyn Coffee on Commercial Street has landed the number one spot for me this month. Quiet, unassuming, and branded in such a wonderfully minimalist way that a marketing nerd like myself may actually drool upon entering, these guys have got it spot on.

Seats are in short supply so it’s not a place to set up shop for the afternoon – students take note, but if it’s good coffee and a croissant you’re after this is among the best you’ll try in the area.

Take a look at their equally drool-worthy website here (oh, the monochrome) or find them at 139 Commercial Street, London.

Life Style

* End of summer klaxon *

September 1, 2014

Girls, the time has come. Those carefree, cider drinking, leg baring summer days are coming to an end, and a long stretch of wooly tights and winter coats awaits us. During the crossover, transitional dressing can be tricky to master. Is it too early to break out next season’s jacket? Do you sweat on the tube in your autumn gear or freeze in the office whilst desperately clinging on to warmer days?

I can’t pretend that September doesn’t excite me immensely (hello Fashion Week, chunky boots, and a back to school vibe no matter how long ago you graduated), but this year I’ve been less eager than usual to say goodbye to my summer wardrobe.

I think this may have something to do with a certain pair of sandals. Just before I travelled to Rhodes in July for a family holiday, my sister gave me these Office heels. Since that day I have over-worn them to the point that they are beginning to merge with my feet, and all other footwear has begun to gather dust. In my defence, they do work with everything.

I’d say we have another week or so to make the most of SS14 before the autumn collections take over. Three guesses which item will feature on my workwear list before then.

Jumper – Zara | Jeans – Topshop | Sandals – Office | Bag – Mulberry | Lipstick – Lancôme Rouge in Love