Arepa and Co | Haggerston

September 20, 2014

Who doesn’t love a good Perico con Arepa? Or how about a Mulata Cachapas? Personally I’d never heard of either, nor had I ever eaten in a Venezuelan restaurant, but I can officially say both are a pretty good idea.

Walking along Regents Canal, you can find Arepa and Co placed somewhere in the middle of Hoxton and London Fields. Officially classed as a ‘Haggerston’ joint, we stopped here for lunch on our way to Broadway Market. Apparently the first Arepa place in London (they also have a market stall in Camden), if you want to try an authentic slice of Venezuela washed down with Santa Teresa Rum I’d definitely recommend a visit.

Give the Desayuno Reina a try if you’re there for brunch (Chicken & Guacamole. Black beans. Cheese. Plantains) or go for the Pabellon Criollo if you’re feeling hungry (Rice. Shredded beef. Cheese. Beans. Plantains).

For the full menu and opening hours – and if you’d like a more precise location than ‘somewhere in Haggerston’ – take a look at the website here.

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