Portobello Road W10

February 1, 2014

Last weekend I literally jumped out of bed when I saw a hint of sunshine peaking through the blinds and made my way straight down to Portobello Market. Since we’ve moved to the area I’ve woken up disappointed at the sight of grey clouds and snowy streets every Saturday morning, so it was something of a treat to be able to take my new camera out and spend the day exploring my new surroundings.

It was less of a treat however for Jack, who decided it was absolutely no fun whatsoever to traipse around after me as I contentedly snapped away at anything and everything that caught my eye, causing us to have to stop every 30 seconds. He was rewarded for his patience though with a trip to one of our new favourite locals – The Gold pub on Portobello Road. I can’t recommend this place highly enough – it’s worth a visit just for the conservatory alone.

These are a few photos capturing the things I love about the area.

Have you ever been to Portobello Road? What did you think?

Em xx

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