Here’s to an organised 2014

January 21, 2014

I imagine I’m not alone, but between working full time, blogging, getting to the gym, seeing friends, and (most importantly) sleeping, I can honestly say there are never enough hours in the day. As much as I try to keep evenings free for impromptu plans and aim not to schedule my weekends with military precision, sometimes you really do just need to…plan ahead. Now I know this might seem a very regimented way of going through life (there’s definitely a free spirit in me somewhere sobbing as I write this), but in my experience, if you don’t write it down it’s not going to get done.

I’ve always thought I was quite adept at keeping a diary – making a note of commitments and having a vague idea of where I’ve told various people I’ll be at various times. I’m also perpetually writing to-do lists, and I spend each day at work ticking off completed items with great satisfaction (whatever makes you happy).

As such, I realised things must be getting fairly busy towards the end of last year when I started double booking myself, forgetting plans, and feeling generally unorganised and overwhelmed. I found myself with one diary at work, another planner at home, and various notebooks containing blogging ideas and notes. With a very busy work schedule and a personal commitment to spend more time on my writing, I realised I needed to step up my planning in order to keep on top of it all.

And so I bought a Filofax. Ahhh my beautiful Filofax. For anyone that knows me and has had to endure this speech already, I apologise, and appreciate I probably don’t get out enough. This shiny black leather planner was without doubt the best £52 I’ve spent (life-wise, you understand. I couldn’t really compare it to money spent on shoes). It has been an absolute life saver over the Christmas period, and I can honestly say I feel calmer and more on top of things now that everything is written down in one place.

This little black planner, pricey as it was, now contains my life – my plans, my ideas, my inspirations, who I’m seeing at the weekend, which mornings I need to wake up painfully early to work out – even my food diary (got to keep track of those pesky sharing-size chocolate bars, they can really creep up on you).

For anyone going into 2014 wondering how they’re going to fit it all in, give it a go. Write it all down, plan it out, and why not see if it makes life easier? If nothing else, you’ll have more time to dedicate to Netflix, and that’s never a bad thing.


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