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Nine to five: Stylist at

March 29, 2013

Think you’ve got what it takes to break into the fashion industry? Find out how this stylist from landed her dream job.

Describe a typical day
On a typical day I’ll find out which model I’ve got for the day and then pull a rail of clothes that have come through to shoot. I pull the type of clothes that will best suit my model for that day and look for a bit of inspiration or research before I start prepping my rail. I then create outfits for each piece from the styling rail, which is a collection of clothes from basic t-shirts to jackets and jeans etc, everything that you need to make a great outfit! The models and MUA’s will arrive at 10am – I’ll have a hair and make up reference to give to the make up artist. By 11am we’ll be ready to start shooting. We usually shoot up to 45 different outfits every day, all of which include a catwalk of that outfit! On each outfit I’ll add accessories if needed e.g. jewellery, belt or a bag – sometimes a hat or a piece of jewellery makes something like a plain garment look a bit more interesting! Before the end of day I’ll find out which model I have for the next day and the same thing will happen all over again! However sometimes last minute projects will pop up that need to be fitted within the day or I have a creative shoot to prep for.

How did you get into this role?
I was very lucky in that I was seeking work experience in the fashion industry but was offered a full time job as a sample co-coordinator which was based in the studio. Through hard work and persistence I started to work closer with the stylists and assisting them with things or assisting on shoots. Gradually I got more responsibility and was allowed to cover the stylists in the studio when they needed time to prep for a shoot! I applied for the stylist job that had become available after 18 months of working at Boohoo .It was such a good feeling when I got the job – all the hard work I had put in had paid off!

What has been the best moment of your career so far?
Probably when I went on my first ever creative shoot that I styled. I was used to assisting on all shoots so it felt like such an achievement. You get such a buzz when your on a creative shoot, and to walk away with great images that you’re proud of is amazing! And also to be apart of the TV ads we do – it’s such a good experience and so different to anything else!

What do you love most about your job?
I love the people that I get to work with everyday, including meeting new people. I love to go on the creative shoots – they’re always a really good opportunity. All the clothes I get to create outfits with and to see the upcoming trends coming through to shoot! Every day is exciting!

What advice would you give someone wanting to break into the fashion industry/become a stylist?
I think the main thing I would say is work experience and persistence. Keep applying to jobs assisting on shoots or getting yourself into a company like I did and working your way up. Make yourself available for anything, whether it’s big or small, as you need as much experience as possible! Put yourself out there and make a good impression as you will get noticed for being either good or bad – remember that! If you really impress you could get contacted for next time! Hard work really does pay off.

Is this your idea of a dream career? Love what you do and want to be featured on Nine to Five? Drop me an email – I’m always looking for inspiration for this series!

Em xx

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