Nine to five

January 13, 2013

Despite being AWOL recently (moving house and starting a new job on the same day proved to be trickier than anticipated), just a quick note today to introduce a new series of posts I’m writing for acid brights. 

Having recently started working for a company I could only of dreamed of a few years ago, it got me thinking about how hard it can be to break into your preferred industry – be that fashion, the arts, design, or PR, to name a few. With so many of us graduating university and wanting to work in similar positions, a lot of people are left wondering where to start.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert on recruitment, but after working across a number of industries (from publishing and retail to fashion and media), I’ve learned some valuable lessons and met some wonderful people. It’s these people that gave me the idea for ‘Nine to Five’ – a section for anyone looking for inspiration with tips from those in the know.

I’ve interviewed close friends working in great roles across a number of different industries (from fashion to theatre), and have asked them the questions that really matter – ‘What are the best parts of your role?’ ‘What do you do on a daily basis?’ and most importantly, ‘How did you get into this role?’

I really hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoyed interviewing everyone, and that they’re of use to some of you! As its an ongoing series, please let me know if there are any roles or industries you’d like to see covered and I’ll make sure to include them.

Em xx

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