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November 2012

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Something for the weekend

November 20, 2012

There’s nothing I love more after a busy week in London than to go home and spend a few days with my parents. Not only do I get utterly spoilt with gorgeous food, wine and a far better bed than I have in my London flat, it’s a chance to truly relax in the peace and quiet of the countryside and forget about things for the weekend. 

Somehow my city uniform of chunky heels and skinnies feels a little out of place when trudging through the fields, so I’m always on the lookout for comfy weekend clothes I can relax in whilst still feeling like me (you never know who you’ll bump into, after all).

So I was really excited when Joules got in contact and asked if I’d like to try this gorgeous Moredale jacket. I immediately fell in love with the colour and the attention to detail is typically Joules – the lining almost makes me want to wear it inside out! Available in seven different colours (including a very on trend shade of purple), this is one you’ll want to take back to the city with you when the weekend’s over. You can check out the latest collection here.

Pair with a chunky knit and a West Highland Terrier (a la my dog Macy) for the ultimate in country chic.

Em xx

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Nuxe Crème Fraîche de Beauté

November 13, 2012

It’s not often I spend money on skin care. With so many other demands on any disposable income I have each month, generally a face wipe and a high street brand of moisturiser have to make do. The stark realisation that I was approaching my mid-20’s, however, made me reconsider my skin care regime and start to think about exactly what I was putting on my face (we only get one, after all).

I was recommended Nuxe as a good brand for normal to dry skin, and after taking a quick look at their website liked the fact that on average 80% of their ingredients are from natural origins. Although far pricier than anything I’d usually go for – around £25 for the facial moisturiser and £30 for the serum – I decided to give it a go and give my skin a treat (plus I’m a sucker for anything French).

A month or so later of using the products daily and I’m really impressed – it seems spending a little extra does pay off. I’ve been wearing the 24 hour concentrated moisturising serum each morning in place of my regular moisturiser, and applying the 24 hour moisture emulsion each night before bed. Despite being warned never to replace my daily moisturiser with a serum (apparently they work on different layers of the skin’s surface and need to be used together), that’s exactly what I’ve done. 

For me, the serum works really well as a moisturising base before applying make up and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clear. It has a non-greasy, almost ‘clean’ feel that’s often difficult to find when using a traditional moisturiser. The moisture emulsion, in contrast, is deliciously thick and creamy with a mousse-like texture and works perfectly as a night cream without being too heavy.

Sadly for my bank account it looks like I’ll be replacing my Nuxe products when they run out.

Have you tried the Nuxe Crème Fraîche de Beauté range? What did you think?

Em xx

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Just don’t step on my red suede shoes

November 11, 2012

After a very busy few weeks at work I couldn’t wait to escape London and travel back to my parent’s for a few days in the countryside. Friday brought with it a long awaited pay day, and I decided to take a trip to the new Primark store on Tottenham Court Road before my journey home. 

This store means business – all 82,400 square feet of it – heaving even on a Friday night and brimming with on-trend bargains and seasonal must-haves. Having only an hour or so until I needed to head to Liverpool Street I rushed through each level, hurling items into my basket and working myself into a bit of a frenzy (Primark often has that effect on me). Less than 60 minutes later I emerged triumphant with this gorgeous cream coat (pictured, £35), my new favourite red shoe boots (pictured, £15), and an array of chunky knits and statement necklaces (mentioned in my previous post, necklace pictured £10).

I paired my newest purchases with a black leather bag from Zara (pictured, current season) – an item which has rarely left my side since I first eyed it up a month or so ago.

The perfect outfit for a weekend spent browsing the sleepy town of Saffron Walden and hiding out in country pubs before another busy week (and a second trip to Primark).

Have you checked out the new Primark store? What did you think?

Em xx

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Fashion, Illustrated

November 10, 2012

When Brooke Costello said she was looking for collaborators to work with on a fashion illustration project, I jumped at the chance. I knew exactly what I’d love to see her illustrate – my current obsession with statement necklaces on chunky knits.

If you needed any convincing of my latest style crush, I’m currently on a train home to Hertfordshire to see my parents for the weekend. Taking up the seat next to me on the train is an entire bag’s worth of said statement necklaces and deliciously chunky, woollen jumpers. I’ve just spent £140 in Primark on the offending items (about £130 more than I can afford).

I picked the outfits above as designs I’d love to see come to life. Necklaces I’ve coveted over the past few weeks but couldn’t afford, and jumpers that contrast beautifully against them. The Zara cable knit sweater (£45.99, current collection) was something that caught my eye as being a little out of the ordinary. From the front it’s your average cable knit, turn it around and a red velvet bow detail transforms the design.

The Topshop premium multi ball collar (£50), featured in illustration A, is literally a show stopper. Pair this necklace with any outfit for an instant style update.

You can take a look at more of Brooke’s gorgeous fashion illustrations here.

Have you come across any great statement pieces recently? What do you think of the fashion illustrations?

Em xx

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A lipstick revolution: stains vs sticks

November 6, 2012
Shades from left: Barry M in shade 145, Kate Moss for Rimmel in shade 110, Just Bitten Kissable in Crush by Revlon, Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses in Timeless Tango by Rimmel, and Colour Sensational in 480 Shy Red by Maybelline.
I wasn’t blessed with an impressive pout – the very opposite in fact. I’ve always tended to steer well clear of lipsticks to avoid a ‘mum’s dress-up box’ moment when out in public, and I often liken myself to a china doll when wearing anything darker than a pale shade of gloss (Julia Roberts I am not).
I also didn’t believe I’d ever have the confidence to wear a shocking, sexy red – that colour’s reserved for the likes of Miss Moss, right? So imagine my surprise when I donned a slick of red for a night out a few months ago, and fell in love with it. Since then I’ve experienced a sort of ‘mini lipstick revolution’ – experimenting with everything from postbox red to daring plum –  and I can’t see it ever stopping. 
And my most exciting discovery? Lip stains. Unlike lipstick, which has an unfortunate habit of sliding off of my lips in a most unattractive manner, lip stains are often transfer proof and I find that I can eat and drink without having to reapply. I actually even managed to brush my teeth a few days ago and emerge fully-lipsticked.
I’ve tried a fair few lip stains in the past few weeks after reading about them in an issue of Stylist, and can honestly say that they completely change the way you wear colour on your lips. Gone are the days of worrying about red smudges on your teeth or pink stains all over your coffee cup. Instead most lip stains simply wear away, fading from an intense colour to a more natural looking shade. It’s nice not to have to worry about whether your lipstick is bleeding mid-morning in the office, or whether that guy staring intently is for entirely the wrong reason…
Two of my absolute favourite stains are Just Bitten Kissable in Crush by Revlon, and Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses in Timeless Tango by Rimmel. Both give intense, long lasting colour, and wear off gradually so you don’t need to worry about constantly reapplying. 
My only issue is that I’ve yet to find a pillar box red with a pigment as vivid as you get from a proper lipstick. I recently picked up the new Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in shade 110, and there really is no beating the intensity of the colour. Although not as long lasting as the lip stains, the texture is smooth and surprisingly wearable.
Another lipstick worth noting is Barry M in shade 145 – the colour is really on-trend and the price is very reasonable.
Have you tried lip stains? How do you find they compare to a traditional lipstick?
Em xx