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Chazzstock 2012

April 6, 2012

June 2012 sees the first ever Chazzstock festival held at Stamford Hall, Lutterworth. Co-headlined by The Vaccines and The Horrors, and with a line-up featuring top up-and-coming bands such as Tribes, I dream in colour, The Ghosts and Joywride, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was another company-run money-making machine. That could’t be further from the truth.

In August 2010 Charlie Haddon of Ou Est le Swimming Pool, otherwise known as ‘Chazz’, sadly passed away, leaving behind an amazing, loving family and some fantastic friends. His best friend of them all was my boyfriend Jack, pictured looking rather suave in the photo above.

It was Charlie’s dream to hold a festival in his back garden, and out of all of the devastation, this festival was something positive which Jack, Charlie’s father Steve, and sister Sarah, decided to take on. In October 2010, Chazzstock was born.

The first ever Chazzstock took place at Koko in Camden and was truly one of a kind. In one evening over 10 acts took to the stage, including The Kooks, Mr Hudson, The Horrors, The Vaccines, Nat Jenkins, and Kissy Sell Out to name a few, and each act performed one of Charlie’s songs as part of their set. I think everyone came away from that evening feeling like they’d been part of something amazing. I certainly did.

The success of that event spurred Jack and the family on to believe they could do more – the festival that Charlie had always wanted to hold was about to take shape. And so Chazzstock 2012, in all it’s full-on festival, camping, 2 day, outdoor-stage glory is set for June…

All profits from the festival go to The Prince’s Trust, a youth charity helping young people to turn their lives around. Two or three smaller local charities will also receive donations, yet to be decided by Charlie’s family.

So what can you expect from Chazzstock? Unlike other festivals there will only be one stage, the idea behind this being that up-and-coming and relatively unheard of bands will have the chance to play alongside huge names such as The Vaccines and The Horrors. A few months ago, Jack and Steve spent a (very) long time going through hundreds of applications from unsigned bands who had applied to play at the festival. From these entries they’ve picked out some amazing talent including Escapists (a personal favorite of mine – check them out), Safari, and The Low Suns.

Being in the music industry (and growing up with most of them), Charlie had a lot of musically talented friends, hence some of the other fantastic names on the line up. The Vaccines, The Horrors, Tribes, Joywride and The Ghosts all have personal connections to the festival. Most of the other acts confirmed are also friends of Jack and the family, Lois & the Love and Man Like Me to name a few.

One of the most eagerly anticipated bands on the line-up (in my personal opinion) is I dream in colour. These guys are incredible and not to be missed. I’ve known Rich (the lead vocalist) since sixth form, and had been to see a few of his gigs over the years. Every time I’d left with a few very impressed friends. A few months ago Jack came along to their Cargo show after hearing one of their tracks. He instantly fell in love with the powerful vocals and catchy tunes, and felt their sound would be perfect for Chazzstock. You can see them live Sunday 10th June.

And so work continues to ensure Chazzstock 2012 is as fantastic as it promises to be. With the help of a newly appointed PR team, the family are hoping to build a cult following and turn the festival into a yearly event. Watch this space…

For more information on Chazzstock 2012 please visit Tickets are available starting at £35 here


The first post… welcome to my blog!

April 1, 2012
My name’s Emma, and I’m a 23 year old living in London. I read a lot of other blogs so I thought I’d combine my love of writing with my obsession for clothes, music, and all things style related here and see where it goes…

I’ll be documenting my style and music discoveries as well as any interesting (and potentially random) happenings in my day to day life living in the capital… I hope you enjoy!

Em x